A friend may have some outrageous, unworkable ideas for making money, Aries. No matter what they involve, you’ll probably start by listening just to be polite and then end up wondering if your friend is still on this planet. This isn’t a good day to get involved in anything risky. If asked, make your excuses. “Risky” is too mild a word for this proposal!


Career matters might be very stressful today, Taurus. Your generally penetrating mind is clouded by strong feelings about whatever you’re doing and confused by differences of opinion among your colleagues. This could drive you crazy. Relax! The world won’t come to an end if everything you need to do isn’t done today. Sometimes it’s easier to do something when it’s OK if you don’t do it!


Some new concepts involving the sciences that you’re trying to study may be difficult, Gemini. You might be a little impatient with yourself, viewing this confusion as a symptom of mental dullness. These ideas could just be new to you. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to explain things. There are times when hearing it makes it more understandable than reading it.


Some vivid dreams could shed light on something you’ve been trying to find, Cancer. This could be a lost object or an obscure piece of information. Whatever it is, you might wake up with some new ideas on where to look for it. Chances are it’s hidden in an obvious place full of similar things. Don’t hesitate because of the unorthodox source of your insight.


A social event could put you in touch with a magnetic woman who has a lot of interesting stories to tell, Leo. She probably exaggerates, so don’t take every detail as fact, but you’ll enjoy meeting her anyway. Don’t commit to any proposal that you and she work on a project together. She can be very convincing, but you’ll need to think about it carefully before deciding.


Today you might be trying to do some in-depth research, Virgo, but don’t be surprised if what you’re looking for proves difficult to find. You could get sidetracked by other interesting subjects related to what you’re doing. Don’t be upset with yourself. Finding what you need won’t be easy. Enjoy the side roads and go back to your search tomorrow.


A decision may need to be made today that requires logic and practicality, Libra. You might find that your feelings get in the way. Don’t fight it. Sometimes it’s best to step back and discern why your emotions are interfering. Is there a hidden factor you may not be considering? Do you know all the facts? Consider all contingencies before committing.


Today a charismatic, artistic woman could visit your home, Scorpio. She could have a lot of ideas to discuss, perhaps proposing that you work on a project together. This might be a good idea, but don’t commit to it now. Your friend has a way of getting people all excited and clouding their judgment. Wait until she leaves and take some time to think. You’ll be in a better space then.


Stress could have you feeling a little out of sorts by the end of the day, Sagittarius. You might have been considering going out for the evening, but it might be better if you put off those plans and stay home and rest. Take a walk to a takeout place and get some dinner, then relax with a funny video. This way you’ll able to release all the tension and sleep soundly.


Have you recently purchased something you wanted that’s more of a luxury than a necessity? Today you might feel guilty about it. It may have temporarily strained your budget. Don’t even think about taking it back! Sometimes luxury items can lift the spirits. Payday will be around again before you know it.


Attempts to balance emotions with logic may not succeed today, particularly where family is concerned, Aquarius. Members of your household may be upset, and you might not be able to cheer them up. Perhaps all you can do is leave them alone for a while to think. Only they can understand their feelings and discern the right way to proceed. Let them know you care, then back off.


You might do some writing today, Pisces, perhaps creative or letters. Whichever it is, you might find that all that comes out are gloomy accounts of whatever’s happening now. This may not reflect your true state of mind. If you can’t come up with anything pleasant to write about, perhaps you’d better wait until later!

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