HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions
HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions



You’re the missing piece of the puzzle today, Aries. As a result, people will look to you for answers. The good news is that you’ll have them at the ready. Trust yourself. Information and new ideas may be flying around, and you may be called upon to make sense of it all. Don’t be afraid to err on the side of the fanciful. This may be exactly the answer needed.


You may run into trouble if you penetrate too deeply today, Taurus. Keep things light and energetic if you can. Ironically, the harder you push to get something done, the more roadblocks you’re apt to encounter. Things will flow easily if you’re willing to let them. Give up some control and let a more whimsical energy lead the way.


Give your adventuresome, world-traveling spirit room to soar, Gemini. This is a good time to embrace and express your dreams. Write them down, talk to others, and say them out load. Communication and information are key elements today. Things may move quickly, so stay alert and tuned into the energy that’s buzzing all around you. The best things in life may come on a whim.


Stop planning and start doing. There may be pressure to leave your normal routine and do something on a whim, Cancer. Although this may not be your usual way to do things, it certainly isn’t a reason not to. Let your mind explore new realms. Feel free to pick up loose pieces of an old dream that you left hanging in midair. Rekindle your passion for life.


The answer for you today is “yes.” Explore, reach out, and expand your mind to the far corners of your world and beyond, Leo. There’s no need to be tied down to reality. Don’t restrict yourself to linear thinking. Take time out and enjoy the clouds. Information you receive should be extremely helpful in the pursuit of your wildest dreams.


Today you should take action in areas where you usually keep quiet, Virgo. The more you explore your mind, the safer you’ll feel in your external reality. Be confident of your dreams. This is a day to connect with others about the things that feel most pleasurable. Indulge and enjoy. Take action. You have everything you need to make it all start working for you.


There’s a light, uplifting flavor to the day, Libra, which you should latch onto and take charge of. You’ll find that there’s a rather dreamy yet expansive quality to this energy that encourages you to soar higher and achieve more. Jump on opportunities, but be careful that you don’t act based on misguided information. Pipedreams will get you nowhere.


Try not to take things too seriously today, Scorpio. Realize that the best plans are sometimes the ones that were never made in the first place. Keep the lines of communication open and don’t discount things that sound off the wall at first. Dream big and don’t restrict yourself by thinking that your radical ideas have no basis in reality.


This is a tremendous day for you, Sagittarius. You may find that dreams really can come true. Make sure you stay abreast of communication and periodicals. Let your fingers dip into many different pies and keep a notepad handy. Your brilliant strokes of inspiration may come on a whim, so be ready to receive them. The genius within you yearns to spring forth.


Don’t get discouraged if it seems like everyone but you is getting a piece of the pie, Capricorn. Your time will come, but it probably won’t be today. While you may want to sink into tender feelings and sensitivity, others may want to float on the surface and dabble in fantasy worlds. Feel free to escape in your own world for a while, but don’t be surprised if others don’t follow.


Make some room for long communications with good friends, Aquarius. This is an important day to get the word out to people you love. Keep things light and energetic, which you do well anyway. Express your showmanship and make sure your bright presence lights up every room you enter. The world is your stage, so act the role you enjoy the most – your true self.


You may be the party-pooper today unless you do something to remedy your serious tone, Pisces. This is a day for light, social activities and fun-loving times with friends. Don’t worry if things don’t seem rational. Sometimes it’s the unlikeliest route that ends up being the best. Don’t discount the fanciful and bizarre. Take a walk on the wild side.

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