HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions
HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions


Kindheartedness is wonderful, but being taken advantage of can be a danger. You really need to trust your instincts to keep this from happening. If what you hear doesn’t match what you feel, trust your feeling. In the event that you get used, move past it. It would be a shame if resentment permanently dampened your giving nature.


You have an intense nature. You probably feel things deeply and spend time lost in thought. Too much intensity can take a toll on your well-being. It might be time you got out and enjoyed yourself. Get up from your chair and take a walk. Meet someone for lunch or do a little shopping. Find something active to do to break the monotony of your routine.


Feed your mind today, Gemini. While you enjoy being active and social, you do get bored quickly. You’ll need to give yourself a constant supply of intriguing, fresh material in order to feel your best. Explore an interesting subject or learn a new hobby. Stimulate your mind and your body will become more energetic. Go online if you can’t get away.


If you’re trying to prove you have something valuable to offer, Cancer, think this through. You’re naturally friendly and can get along with almost anyone. This may already be your strength, and you probably have something great to bring to a crowd. Consider just being you and not always trying to feel a part of things. Start by looking at your good qualities to prove your worth to yourself.


Consider putting your problem-solving skills to the test today, Leo. You have a real flair for investigating situations and figuring out what happened. If something comes your way that seems mysterious, deal with the problem directly and wrestle out the truth. If you’re baffled, use the process of elimination. Stick with it and you’ll learn what’s what in no time.


Virgo, try not to be fooled by others. If you don’t know a person well and you aren’t sure about him or her, trust your instincts. You tend to care about others, so it can be easy for you to feel sorry for someone and bend over backward to help. Make sure that the person you help really deserves it and you know the whole story. This can save you problems down the road.


It can be very easy to get carried away today, Libra. You might get caught up in some excitement. You need to use your head on a day like this. Double-check everything and moderate your activities. Keep your limitations in mind. There’s nothing saying you can’t do whatever it is that catches your eye. Just use caution and keep yourself safe.


The energy you feel today may have you so jittery that others don’t know what to do. The day’s aspects can really bring a boost and you’d be wise to plan to do things so you have an avenue to spend it all. Get busy with physical chores. Pull things out, organize, move furniture around – whatever it takes. It’s better to be productive than drive everyone crazy.


Venturing into something completely new and different may be what you need, Sagittarius. You have a solid practical side, but the need for excitement and adventure is likely just as strong. If you’ve been putting your nose to the grindstone a lot lately, take time off for some fun. Visit a friend or drive to a place you haven’t been to before and explore.


Learning about things that interest you most is something you may want to do today. At work and home, there’s a schedule to tend to. On your own time, you’re free to learn about anything your heart desires. Intellectual growth is something you enjoy. Whether you delve into cooking, astrophysics, or genealogy, you’ll find something new.


If you meet new people today, Aquarius, be careful. Some can appear interesting because they’re bold or dangerous. Perhaps they do things you’d never dream of doing. While this may be intriguing, it can lead to trouble and hurt you if you aren’t careful. Stick to your usual standards and ethics. If danger excites you too much, it may be time to make some changes in your life.


You might have to make a choice between telling the truth and a lie. Sometimes this can be a difficult choice, especially if you’re afraid you’ll hurt someone’s feelings. However, a lie can take far more energy than the truth. Consider what you’d want the other person to do in your place. Stick to your ethics, even of it’s tough.

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