HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions
HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions


Ideas are intriguing today, Aries. You might feel like a kid in a candy store seeing new treats for the first time. New concepts are pulling you in, and you love every minute of it. Run with it. Your mind is exploring new realms, and you shouldn’t try to hold it back. Collect the data now and sort through it later. This is a time for adventure.


You pick up information quickly, Taurus. Someone only needs to explain something to you once for you to grasp the concept. Your questions are concise. No one can accuse you of not paying attention to his or her words or actions. At the same time, you may be too sensitive to the information around you. An overload of stimuli could eventually overwhelm you.


You have independent views about everything, Gemini. People would be wrong to try to box you into thinking a certain way. Don’t let others convince you to accept something you’re skeptical of. You know what you believe so don’t be afraid to express it even if they go against the grain. Independence is important to you. You want others feel this freedom that’s so critical to a healthy lifestyle.


If you know you’ve wronged another, admit it immediately, Cancer. People are often quick to point out when others make mistakes, but it’s the rare individual who points out their own mistakes. Demonstrate that you’re strong and honorable enough to say when you’ve done wrong. Integrity will get you far in life, whereas deception and retreating from difficult situations will not.


You may feel a great urge to dive headfirst into a project, Leo. Perhaps there’s a plot of ground that you want to turn into a garden. Dig your hands into the soil. Maybe there’s a craft or art form that you can’t wait to learn about and develop. Be careful that you don’t start too many different projects and leave them all unfinished.


The connection between your thoughts and words is strong today, and communication with others goes especially well, Virgo. If there’s something important to be said, you won’t hesitate to say it, unlike your usual tendency to refrain from speaking to the person who really needs to hear you the most. You’re doing people a favor by letting them share your incredible wisdom.


Your words will flow smoothly today, Libra, and you certainly won’t lack things to say. Conversations about higher learning and greater spirituality are likely. You may be more aggressive when it comes to getting your opinion across, but that’s good. It’s important that you make your position known so others know where you stand. Together you can come up with something greater than you could alone.


If someone says something you disagree with or disapprove of, Scorpio, speak up. The person might assume you agree unless you say something. Your words can be forceful without being offensive, your approach assertive and not argumentative. State the facts as you see them. Don’t act in a condescending way toward others. This will only make the dynamic more difficult to deal with.


You’re likely to be even quicker on the uptake than usual, Sagittarius. Conversation will be brisk and lively. You may feel like the conductor of a symphony. You’re able to understand and follow all the different harmonies and melody lines while keeping your own steady beat running through your head. The music you make with others will be magical.


If you’re in a debate, don’t back down, Capricorn. The major advantage you have over your opponents is your keen power of observation. It enables you to pick up on the energy around you. You know exactly what other people are thinking and where their arguments are going. You’ll be able to keep explosive issues from getting out of hand. Be aggressive if you feel it’s needed to control the situation.


Once you start talking about a certain topic, Aquarius, it might be hard to stop, especially if the topic is you or one of your activities. A question about one aspect of your life may come up and you could have a sudden desire to tell your whole life story. Other people are going to want to voice their opinions, too, so take a breath and give them a chance.


Your mental activity is more pronounced than usual, Pisces. It may be difficult to stop the barrage of thoughts streaming through your head. You may be able to accomplish a lot, but you might drive yourself crazy with the internal chatter that doesn’t give you the opportunity to mentally sit still. Your thinking will be much clearer if you take time to slow down and meditate.

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