HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions
HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions


Be a little selfish, Aries. Be honest and straightforward with what you want. There’s no need to beat around the bush simply because you want to spare someone’s feelings. You will do everyone a favor by laying it out clearly. Refrain from playing mind games just to see how much you can twist people into knots. Such actions will later come back to haunt you.


Your dander might be up today in reaction to someone’s strong opinion. You don’t want to back down, Taurus. The fire burns hot within you. Use this power wisely. Try not to use it in an aggressive, manner toward those you don’t want to offend. Watch your back and keep your energy pure. You have the power to affect quite a number of people.


Move boldly toward your dreams today, Gemini. Your sense of reality may not be perfectly in tune with the actual situation, but don’t worry about it. Put wings on your shoes and fly into the stratosphere. Push the boundaries. The only way you’re going to grow is if you go beyond your normal mode of existence. This is your day to soar into the great beyond.


There’s extra action in your day today, Cancer, so go with it. Don’t fight against the wave of unconventional support that’s brewing at your back door. There’s a great deal of potential energy at your disposal. The only thing keeping you from harnessing it is your own mind. Don’t be so scared of that which can actually help you out. Open your mind and let the new into your life.


Today is a great day for you. You should communicate a lot, Leo. Talk in riddles and say your sentences backward. Be fanciful and outlandish. Most of the information will be relayed in a nonverbal manner. Let your wild side shine through. Wear the wackiest thing in your closet. Don’t give in to the social norm just because it’s the thing that has been done repeatedly.


Your emotions and fantasies are strongly tied today, Virgo. Let your feelings revel in a surreal state. Let your daydreams filter into your decisions. You might feel electricity in the air, so go with it. There’s a great deal of creative energy available to you that’s extremely potent. This energy has an activating effect that will help you get off the couch.


You should enjoy a good mood today, so head toward something you believe in, Libra. There will most certainly be a magical element to this day that you should not only believe in but also encourage. Miracles are possible if you believe. Let your fanciful mind realize something out of thin air. Lean toward the new and unconventional. The times are changing rapidly.


Not much will happen until you decide to give up a few vices that have a serious effect on your well-being, Scorpio. Realize that if there are certain things that control you, you don’t have complete control over your life. Try not to fight this truth. Simply accept that these things exist in your world, and understand that you can coexist without having to surrender to their power.


This is a whirlwind day for you. You will finally feel like you’re getting things back on track, Sagittarius. Any lag you’ve felt in the past few days will be eliminated. Your engine is in high gear. You have more of a sense of what you want. Don’t be so concerned with how you’re going to get it. Focus more on defining it precisely.


Try not to rock the boat too much today, Capricorn. Hold fast to your point of view, but don’t get down when other people don’t share your sentiments. You might feel the urge to snap at people, but realize that you’re probably better off holding your tongue. Let your daydreams carry you away from the present reality. Your imaginary world will be your closest ally.


Let the child within come out and play, Aquarius. Return to and relish your most primal state. Some of life’s most important lessons are the ones you learned when you were a child. Return to that state of mind and embrace the simplicity of life you experienced then. Life is only complicated because you make it so. Remember what it was like to live without care and live that way again.


Try not to be a stick in the mud today, Pisces. Other people aren’t going to want to take the time to drag you along. Take the initiative. If you want to have fun, create it. The biggest part of this equation is your attitude. Other people can sense your jealous nature, so don’t think you’re fooling anyone. Let others live their lives. You need to concentrate on your own.


Sources : www.horoscope.com

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