Emotionally speaking, things might get tense for you today as others demonstrate a rather selfish attitude, Aries. Remember that selfishness isn’t always considered negative. Sometimes it’s healthy and necessary to take on a self-centered role. Remember that you need to take care of number one at all times. Don’t try to pick a fight when other people also demonstrate this behavior.


You might be quite stirred by the general energy today, Taurus. “Stirred” may be too light a word. Put on your armor and get ready to do battle. Others may cower when they see what’s going on outside, but you will want to jump into the fray. Strong emotions are the weapons of the day. Everyone knows that you have a strong arsenal in this department.


Move in for the kill today, Gemini. Don’t stop until you succeed. Don’t let other people’s insecurities become yours. Have confidence in yourself and the way you act around others. Just because someone else feels sad, that doesn’t mean you have to just to make him or her feel better. The best thing you can do is turn the situation around by exhibiting happiness and a fun-loving attitude.


Now is the perfect time to say something you’ve been meaning to say for quite a while, Cancer. Get it out in the open. Keeping it inside is only eating away at your internal mechanisms. Stop worrying about the consequences and make the move. Today is a day to be bold and aggressive. Other people might respond similarly, so if you dish it out, be sure you can take it.


Your opinions might be the focus of conversation all day, Leo. You have a very strong will that you aren’t afraid to express. You will get that chance. Enlighten others with your wealth of knowledge. Take control of the conversation and accept the mental challenge of trying to win other people over to your side. Whether you’re successful or not, you will have a good time trying.


Your sensitive heart may be touched by anger today, Virgo. Don’t be afraid of hurting other people’s feelings as you express this emotion. You’d be doing yourself and other people a disservice by not revealing the true scope of your emotions. The other parties involved may not have all the facts necessary to make the most educated decision. Aid this process by revealing your perspective.


You might feel a great deal of physical power today, Libra. If someone asks you to help move a couch, you’re likely to be able to pick the whole thing up by yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. You have more internal strength than you reveal to others. There’s no need to hide it any longer. Make use of this great power.


The train is headed out, so you’d better hop on, Scorpio. People won’t be too sympathetic to your emotional sob story today, so keep it quiet. Whining will most certainly get you kicked off the train altogether. The energy of today is teaching you to toughen up. Don’t take it personally, but realize that there are important lessons to learn. One is to know when to be silent and obedient.


Jump into action with energy today, Sagittarius. Order others around and delegate tasks for a change. An aggressive approach is what’s needed, and you have the ability to deliver the goods. Trying to do everything yourself may seem like a great idea at first, but you’re better off enlisting help so others can feel more involved and you can concentrate on doing a better job on fewer tasks.


Guard your heart well today, Capricorn. It’s a prime target for the abrasive words being tossed around. Your sensitivity leaves you feeling alone and naked in the harsh atmosphere. You might be better off staying in bed. If you decide to go out, be prepared. Know your weaknesses so you can use your energy resources most efficiently.


A position involving power and authority is opening up, and you’re the perfect one for the job, Aquarius. Today’s astrological aspect is helping you find the necessary confidence and physical strength. You have the emotional and physical boost you need to feel good about your leadership abilities. This is a time to take control of the situation.


Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you, Pisces. The problem with today’s energy is that there just may be some sticks and stones tossed in your direction. Be on the lookout for such airborne adversity. Powerful forces are operating with emotional aggression. War can break out if you aren’t careful. Try to maintain the peace. You may need to seek shelter.

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