HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions
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Staying indoors might not be the best thing today, Aries. You might feel vague muscular aches and pains for which you can’t find any reason. They could be the result of inactivity rather than any dysfunction. Get outside and go for a walk or jog in the park. This will get the endorphins going and wipe away the memory of how you felt earlier. Have fun!


A family member may be absent without explanation, Taurus. This might worry everyone, and not without reason. It’s best to stay calm and phone friends, colleagues, and anyone who might know where this person is. All is probably well. Your family member has probably been preoccupied and neglected to let anyone at home know what’s going on. Hang in there!


A sibling or neighbor might not feel very communicative, Gemini. It may seem that this person isn’t behaving in their normal, friendly manner, but isn’t sharing why. Give him or her a break. There may have been some upsetting news that your friend can’t stop thinking about. By tomorrow they should be on the way back to their usual self. Be patient!


Are you working on a project that requires a little ingenuity? If so, today you may draw a blank. No matter how hard you think about it, you can’t come up with a good way to proceed. Perhaps it would be best to put it away and do something else for a while. Trying to force the issue will only reinforce the mental blocks. Relax and let it come naturally in its own time.


Your intuition is operating at a very high level, Leo, except where your family is concerned! No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make sense of anything anyone says, let alone does. Don’t make yourself crazy over it. Ask for explanations, then barring anything destructive or nasty, let them go their own way. Sometimes people just have to learn through their own experiences.


Telepathic messages you get from a friend or relative could seem confused and garbled, Virgo. This might bother you, especially if the person is normally practical and rational. We all have bad days. Try to observe their behavior and see if there are any warning signs of inner or outer crisis. If not, you may have to just let them be. You can’t force another to ask for assistance.


Are you upset over money, Libra? Try to be rational. Your concerns are probably far more negative than the reality of the situation. Be objective and go over your budget to learn the facts. By the time you cover everything, you should be more than relieved. It’s nothing you can’t handle easily. Put it behind you for now and go out with some friends.


Some news about a major event could unsettle and confuse you, Scorpio. There could be contradictory reports, and commentators may confound the issue even more. You’re primarily concerned about how this will affect you. The answer is probably very little. The media are apt to blow it out of proportion because it’s newsworthy. The truth will come out in a few days. Hang in there!


Spiritual studies might seem fascinating and confusing, Sagittarius. Are you reading a book whose author isn’t clear? Perhaps this isn’t the best work to bring you the information you seek. Ask friends to recommend better books. Make a trip to the library. See what’s available online. There’s no need to try to make sense of something that’s confusing to begin with.


Your intuition may guide you in a direction that seems at odds with what logic and practicality tell you, Capricorn. This could put you in a quandary. Should you try to be practical or should you follow your heart? Don’t make the decision today. Ask friends for advice if you like, but wait a few days before making any irrevocable choice. The uncertainty should clear up before long.


Family problems may have a friend or love partner feeling unsettled and helpless, Aquarius. This person could have a few communication problems, especially if firmness is required. Don’t get sucked into the situation. Just point out the facts and encourage your friend to consider every factor on its own merits. While you do this, you might have some insights into a problem of your own.


Has someone given you a chore to do and then taken off without giving you any instructions? It’s no wonder you feel confused and frustrated! If there is no manual, and if no one else knows what’s up, don’t feel bad about letting it go until you’re given proper coaching. It’s more prudent to wait than do it wrong and have to do it again. Better safe than sorry.

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