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Things regarding love and romance may be a bit dicey for you, Aries. You may find that you have to make a few adjustments in order to remain on the same page as your loved ones. Neither one of you may feel like taking the lead at this time, causing some hesitation in the relationship. While each of you is trying to second-guess the other, confusion is likely to reign.



The more tightly you try to hang onto something, Taurus, the more likely it is it will want to slip through your fingers. Grab what you want, but don’t squeeze too hard. Maintain an important balance between showing someone you care by taking them under your wing and allowing them the freedom to be their own person. Sensitive feelings are operating today, so proceed with care.



Matters involving love and romance might not go exactly the way you’d like, Gemini. You could be waiting for your partner to make the next move, since you’re unsure of which way the relationship is progressing. At the same time, it may be that your partner is the one waiting for you. Keep the lines of communication open and stop playing confusing mind games.



Things should be going well for you in the love and romance department, Cancer, but you could find that today things get a bit tenuous. While you want things to be clear and planned out, it could be that your partner longs for more freedom and spontaneity. Tension may result if either party becomes too set in their ways. The tension may arise when neither partner wants to take the lead.



People may be wondering how to proceed while you’re off doing your own thing. Don’t go in one direction and leave someone else behind, Leo. In matters regarding love and romance, you may have to slow down and communicate with your partner. Take the lead and try not to get slowed down by other people’s indecisiveness. You know which direction to go, so go there.



Recent events in the love and romance department may have you feeling like you aren’t getting your needs met, Virgo. Remember that other people aren’t mind readers the way you are. If someone’s behavior isn’t right with you, say so. Romantic partnerships should uplift and support your dreams, not something you make personal sacrifices for just to maintain.



Be careful that you aren’t manipulating a romantic situation so your partner loses any power, Libra. You may think your actions are noble and well meaning, but you may be creating a scenario that has no basis in reality. People could be impressionable, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of this by promoting your own interests at the expense of another’s.



Things in the love department may be looking up for you, Scorpio, but beware that you aren’t getting pushed around. Your partner could feel the need for more freedom in the relationship, while you’re hoping to find more commitment. Take it one day at a time. Don’t get ahead of yourself by projecting scenarios that may not come to fruition. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment.



You may find that you’re indecisive when it comes to issues concerning love and romance, Sagittarius. For some reason, you have a tendency to pull one way and then the other, yet neither way seems very rewarding. Don’t feel like you have to take concrete action at this time. In fact, if you do, this commitment may cause you more frustration later.



Try to get more grounded in your actions regarding love and romance, Capricorn. You may need to take a more reserved approach in your actions in order to get where you need to go. At the same time, however, your freedom-loving, adventurous side may feel the need to roam more freely. This is a tough combination of energies to work with, so do your best to find a balance.



You’re quite sure of yourself and solid about many things except one. When it comes to romantic relationships, you feel a bit unsure and inadequate, Aquarius. It could be that you’re indecisive about how to proceed. There’s a strong urge to take charge, but also a tendency to slow things down and let others take the lead. Figure out your needs before you make long-term plans with others.



When it comes to love and romance, things are definitely in your favor, Pisces. The thing to be aware of today is that there might be some manipulation on the part of someone close to you. Take care that someone else’s need for freedom isn’t negatively affecting your relationship. Communication is key in order to maintain a healthy romance at any level.

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