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An unexpected release of tension could come today, Aries. Something that has been restricting you and limiting your growth is going to disappear, and you will want to run through the streets shouting. From here on out, certain desires that have eluded you could start to manifest in your life. One of them could be a new romance. What else need be said?


Some strange but wonderful things could be happening to you now, Taurus. Sheer luck could well be in the picture. Have you wanted to move to a nicer place? If so, now you probably can. Have you been expecting a bonus or settlement? Today it could be yours! Even your dreams are apt to be vivid, powerful, and very beautiful. The only downside is if one of the events involves money, don’t overspend!


A rather black mood that’s been plaguing you since early morning could suddenly disappear when a business or romantic partner brings wonderful news your way, Gemini. It could involve a goal that finally manifests that you may have given up long ago. If so, you could feel a little overwhelmed. Take some time to sit still and let it sink in before celebrating Congratulations!


If you’ve been concerned about your health for any reason, Cancer, today your medical professional could give you a clean bill of health. You will believe it, because you’re likely to feel wonderful. Stress has vanished, at least for now, and your energy and enthusiasm are higher than they’ve been for a long time. Enjoy yourself. Go out with some friends. You’ve earned it!


Creative energies are flowing like a river today, Leo. Ideas for projects should come thick and fast. You can’t wait to get started. You may even formulate plans to market them once they’re done. Love and romance should also be going well for you, as intellectual discussions could bring you and a current or potential love partner closer. Have a wonderful day and make the most of it!


Dreams should shed light on some difficult issues you’ve been trying to resolve, Virgo. You can finally make the problems disappear. This should be more than a relief to you – it’s a blessing! Your friends might want to take you out to celebrate, but you will probably want to sit home and enjoy your newfound contentment. Pour some wine, put on some favorite music, and relax! You’ve earned it!


More than one call could come today with absolutely wonderful news! Exciting and wonderful changes are in the wind, Libra, but you need to bear in mind that with the good news comes the unknown. Your life may be turned upside down. Consider if you really want to stay in the same rut for the rest of your life. Gird your loins and look forward to an adventure!


A sizable sum of money could come your way today, Scorpio, probably as a surprise. This is a significant day for you. The money will open up new doors, particularly where creativity is concerned, so the situation definitely calls for a celebration. Don’t gamble or consider any kind frivolous of investment for at least two months. Treat yourself! You deserve it!


Today you may wake up feeling energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and very happy, Sagittarius. You may not be able to trace this to anything logical, so don’t even try. Make the most of what’s happening and use that energy to create the life you want. You might feel like you can move mountains, but for now you’d better concentrate on molehills. Be conservative now and tackle the mountains later!


Have you been feeling psychic lately, Capricorn? Has a recent dream or premonition come true? Any insights that you receive today aren’t likely to be clothed in complex symbolism – they should be easily understood. Write them down! You will want to check them later. Some of what you sense might be a little disturbing, perhaps involving a public figure you admire. Be prepared!


Today you might gather with some very smart friends at a coffee house for an intellectual conversation, Aquarius. Some fascinating ideas and useful information could be exchanged. Much of what is said could inspire new creative projects. If it isn’t too late, walk home and clear your head or sleep may be a bit elusive tonight!


A fabulous career break could come your way today, Pisces. It could be a raise, promotion, or even a new job in a new field. It could also involve a completely different location. The work you will be doing may be unlike anything you’ve ever done before, and that’s a challenge. Don’t worry! Change is necessary if you’re to reach your maximum potential. Go with the flow.

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