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If you’re currently involved, Aries, expect to feel a rush of revived passion for your partner. If you aren’t currently involved, the one great love of your life could finally appear. You may meet this person through work, creative activities, or spiritual studies. Your new friend could be from far away and work in an intellectually oriented profession. Expect to spend the next few days in a fog!


You know you’re intuitive, Taurus, but changes could take place in your brain that elevate your abilities beyond mere intuition. Visions, prophetic dreams, and powerful insights into others’ thoughts and feelings could reveal you to be a gifted psychic. If you’ve been training your abilities, this should come as no surprise, but the level of your gifts will. You will never be the same.


Don’t turn down invitations today, Gemini. A group meeting or social event could be thrown together with casual acquaintances, and your relationship with these people could abruptly change. At the very least, some will become friends. You might also acquire some valuable business contacts or partners. You might fall in love. By evening, you could be in a daze from the unexpected events.


A financial windfall could come as the result of a coup that no one expected you to pull off, Cancer. Everyone is likely to be very proud of you – and you will be very pleased with yourself, too. This is only the start of a fortunate new turn in your life. As far as money goes, it may all be smooth sailing from here on out.


Wonderful news comes from far away, Leo, possibly involving writing, teaching, or publishing. Creativity combines with heightened intellectual ability to bring success and good fortune to your door today. You might spend the day in a daze, waiting for it to sink in, and the evening celebrating with friends. This trend is likely to continue for the next few months. Make the most of it.


An enterprise you’d long since given up on, perhaps one involving the creative arts, may suddenly come up again, this time as a real opportunity, Virgo. Once you know it’s real, you still might have trouble believing that it’s finally happening. Friends and your current love interest may accept it more readily than you do. Enjoy your success and make the most of it!


Group activities or social events could put you in contact with a new, exciting person. You could feel a strong physical and romantic attraction, Libra. If you aren’t currently involved – and perhaps even if you are – this might be worth pursuing. The attraction is reciprocated. You will probably share interests and be able to talk for hours. Be cautious but confident. Go for it, but slowly.


Whatever you’ve been trying to accomplish over the past several months could break loose just the way you want it to today, Scorpio. It could come as a surprise and resemble a logjam that finally gives way. Nonetheless, this is your good fortune, and you and those who have been in the trenches with you deserve a few accolades. After it’s all set in stone, go out and celebrate. You’ve earned it.


Today might be one of the most fortunate days of your life, Sagittarius. Everything you’ve been striving for – romance, money, creative fulfillment – could fall into place at various times today. Expect exciting calls bringing good news. A lover could offer congratulations. The only downside is that all the stimulation could leave you exhausted. Never mind. You will sleep well!


Information received through dreams and visions could trigger sudden psychic revelations of solutions to problems you may have been mulling over for weeks. What you realize is likely to clear up any difficulties and pave the way for success. The emotional release could have you feeling like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Obey your impulses, and get to it.


Some unexpected calls from friends or colleagues could bring you wonderful news today, Aquarius. A serendipitous lucky break could end the logjam that has held up the attainment of all your dreams. Love, money, success in career and personal development – all seem to be falling into place. You might spend the day in a daze, trying to take it all in. Relax and focus. You’re on your way.


Job-related or personal projects are apt to come to a head now. Success is in the air, along with a marked increase in income and acknowledgment from those who matter. This, of course, is going to boost your confidence, not to mention your mood. You might already be fired up with plans for new trails to blaze. Try to stay focused. You won’t want to miss anything.

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