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If you’re currently romantically involved, expect your relationship to reach a new understanding and sense of unity, Aries. If you aren’t involved, you could meet someone special today, and it might be like love at first sight. An instant bond could form between you because of mutual intellectual interests. You might have a lot to talk about, as your own projects are going better than you’d hoped.


An old friend you haven’t seen in a long time could turn up. This should be a pleasant surprise, Taurus, as you will have a lot of catching up to do. You might have good news, as you’ve been busy and could have come across some very exciting information. Take a walk at the end of the day or you might not be able to sleep.


Some great news could come today that turns your life upside down momentarily. Gemini, you will find it very exciting. New neighbors could move in and you might spend some time getting acquainted. Much of your day could be spent seeking information in a field that interests you. Expect a busy day, but remember to rest now and then. A walk in the evening might be a good idea.


News might bring exciting opportunities for increasing your income, Cancer. Perhaps you will learn of ways to start your own business. Maybe the demand for people with your skills has increased. You might discover the efficiency some new technology for managing your finances. Discussions with others should bring many new ideas your way. Make the most of them.


Discussions could bring some exciting information your way that alters your thinking slightly. You tend to be oriented toward social, political, or humanitarian issues, Leo. Today you might have the chance to put your talents to work. Someone could ask you for assistance. You have the mental and physical energy to go for it, so it’s likely that you will, though perhaps not right away.


Today you may take up the study of astrology, numerology, alchemy, or other occult discipline. Your intellectual abilities are particularly sharp, Virgo, so you may want to combine them with your tendency toward mysticism. This should keep you busy for much of the day, but you need to watch out for intellectual overload. You don’t want to forget what you’ve learned. Take notes.


New friends, new goals, and new attitudes could all appear on the scene, Libra. Unexpected developments within a group are likely to require reevaluating a course of action. This is probably a positive development, and it could be exciting, but it’s going to mean some immediate adjustments. As your mental energy is still sharp, this shouldn’t be too difficult.


If you’ve been aiming for a specific career goal, Scorpio, it might suddenly manifest with the current planetary energy. You could be catapulted into the public eye in some way. The possibility of an increased income could arise, although it might be speculative at this point. Your mental energy continues high, so you should be able to easily grasp all the ins and outs of your situation.


This should be a stimulating day, Sagittarius. The possibility of a journey might arise unexpectedly. This could be exciting as some close friends or a romantic partner might accompany you. A new turn in your intellectual or spiritual interests could have your mind going a thousand miles an hour. You will want to learn more about it. The Internet could have useful information. Make the most of it.


Unexpected economic developments might make a sudden and positive difference in your situation, Capricorn. Perhaps your field becomes more competitive, and people with your skills are more in demand. Whatever it is, you can expect more money to come your way in the future. Legal papers could be involved, as could some interesting people you haven’t met before. Your mind is likely to be buzzing.


Your social life might suddenly be busier than you expected, Aquarius, perhaps because of the appearance of some interesting new people. This could involve a group with which you’re affiliated, perhaps one with a humanitarian focus. Expect to be busy over the next few weeks, as this trend isn’t likely to slow down soon. Stimulating conversations could set your mind going a mile a minute.


Books and conversations with friends could take up most of your day, Pisces. The intellectual stimulation could have positive and negative effects on your health. Positive because it raises your enthusiasm and puts you in an enthusiastic state of mind, and negative because it might get you so excited that you forget to eat or rest. Enjoy all the excitement but don’t forget to take a break.

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