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The day ahead may bring a storm of individualism and independence. You usually tolerate the quirks and minor shortcomings of your friends or family members, but today they present real obstacles to your relationships. The only way to remedy the situation is to go on vacation. Spending some time alone will keep you out of trouble.


If you want to make the best of the day ahead, Taurus, try to convince your team or family to work together. This is tricky to do, what with everyone’s schedule being so demanding right now. Hard as it is to coordinate their efforts and orchestrate harmony, the strength of your character and your team spirit will make it all work out.


The day ahead won’t be easy, Gemini. A glimpse at your love life reveals that you will be bridling at certain inhibitions. You long for peace and stability, and at the moment everything is in suspense. Use the day ahead to gain some perspective on the situation. Until the ice melts and the flow of events resumes, why not devote your energy to some other endeavor?


Lately, you’ve been nursing a feeling that your partner is inattentive. The tension has been building up and today, Cancer, you’re likely to boil over with the rage that comes from one too many doubts and suspicions. The forecast for love is stormy, without a doubt. But making up after the quarrel promises to be lots of fun.


Some days it’s better to be on vacation! That’s what you’re liable to think today. All your projects are mired in quicksand, and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. But even if things are momentarily stuck, don’t lose faith. Your inner self is gaining stability. When the time is right, it will be strong and reliable.


Deep inside, don’t you have an urge to breathe new spirit into your love life? Of course, some things are more easily said than done. Currently, you don’t have much time to devote to yourself, much less your partner. Affection could thrive if given half a chance. The day suggests that you commit yourself to making some decisions that will help bring you and your mate closer.


It’s time to get what you need, Libra. Your desires don’t always go in a direction that does you the most good, and this can cause tension. You feel as though it’s impossible to combine your desires with what is good for you, notably in your love life. You wrestle with whether you should remain in your “creative” cave or share your life with someone. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.


Take cover, Scorpio, because today promises to be an emotional roller coaster! Something seems to be askew with your relationships, and you feel torn in opposite directions. One force is pushing you to enrich your inner universe and another force is pushing you into the arms of someone you’ve recently met. Stay busy to avoid confrontation.


People are going to think you’re a star today, Sagittarius! Although you may not feel that way about yourself. What’s gotten into you lately? Have you lost confidence in yourself? Are you now compensating for it? Do you feel a need for more success in your life? All this is possible, but you will have to take some risks if you’re going to progress.


Stop asking if you’re gifted, Capricorn. This definitely isn’t the time for such questions. Now is the time to work on something concrete. You will need the help of others if you’re to succeed, so get to work convincing them to ally with you. You may have to reveal more of yourself than you normally do in order to sway people to your side. It’s time to get out of your hole and take action!


A partner for life or a brief encounter, which will it be? This is today’s question. Why not choose both? Can you imagine being your partner’s lover while keeping your independence? Don’t be influenced by old models that force you to choose between these two ideas. Don’t forget that in our modern world, your choices aren’t as limited as you might think!


You can never be anyone other than who you are, Pisces! That’s the way it is, and you can’t change it. Other members of your family may have dreamed of getting free of a duty or a moral lesson, but these dreams don’t apply to you. Your dreams of being someone else are like phantoms that have come back to haunt you. Simply brush them away!

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