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Consider whether or not you’re spending enough time with everyone who’s special to you, Aries. If more hours are going to work colleagues, friends, or partner, there might be an imbalance that you need to look at. Sit down and create a chart of where your time has gone lately. If one portion is considerably larger than the others, make a point of spending some time with the people represented by the smaller portions.


If your partner acts quickly on his or her passions today, Taurus, you will probably want to slow things down a bit. “Nice and easy” is the phrase of the day for you, so create an environment that will allow for more time in such circumstances. Let your partner know how you feel and what you’d like to see happen. No one is a mind reader. There’s far less chance of any misunderstanding when there is open communication.


Consider planning a romantic interlude, Gemini. With the influence from today’s planetary aspects, it will be easy to connect with that special someone. Make dinner with your spouse or partner or make a date with someone new who’s caught your eye, if possible. Don’t let shyness or insecurity stand in your way. If you’re single, consider loving the most important person in your life – you – by doing something special.


If someone takes too long to do something today, Cancer, your temper may flare up. Patience isn’t always your strong suit, and you may believe in the “if you want it done right, do it yourself” philosophy. This isn’t always fair. Others need to do things at their own pace, and in some cases, it’s essential that you give them the room to do so. Take a deep breath if you have to, and be patient.


You might find it rather tough to take criticism today, Leo. This is something that’s hard for many to hear, but it truly depends on your perspective. Rather than view it as a personal attack, try to see the value in the criticism. If you’re honest with yourself and recognize that you could learn and grow from critique, seize it as an opportunity. If you find that it’s out in left field, then leave it there.


Be careful not to fall prey to your own idealism today, Virgo. While this is one of your most admirable qualities, as it contributes to your romantic, creative nature, too much of anything can be harmful. It’s important to see things as they are, despite how much you may wish them to be different. The real world doesn’t always go hand in hand with your ideal place. If something feels off, it probably is. Trust your instincts.


Don’t be surprised if you feel a real need for some breathing room today, Libra. As much as you enjoy the company of others, you need to have time to yourself as well. See if you can work in a private space or simply shut your door. If you need to move in order to be alone, hop in the car and go. Irritability is a good indicator of when you need to get away from the crowd.


If things haven’t been going too well with those you spend most of your time with, Scorpio, it might be time to consider your expectations of them. Ask what kinds of demands you place on others and if they’re fair. Is it possible that you expect the same from others that you give, but perhaps they aren’t able to match your level of performance? Consider talking with the people involved to find out how they feel.


A little romantic time with your special someone may be in order today, Sagittarius. With the day-to-day chaos of working and living, it can be tough to get some quality time alone. If you don’t make specific plans, it can be months before this happens. Take the situation in hand and make those plans. If you’re single, consider making arrangements for a date or spending time with a friend, if possible.


Take it slow and easy today, Capricorn. With the energy from the day’s aspects, rushing around isn’t likely to get you too far. In fact, you’re more apt to make mistakes or leave a bunch of things unfinished. Make your to-do list and go about each thing one at a time at an even pace. Even if you don’t finish everything, what you accomplish will be done well.


It may be time to look at where you are in life, Aquarius. Are you where you thought you’d be? If so, congratulations. This is a real accomplishment. If not, take heart. Many people discover that they aren’t anywhere close. The key is to write down solid goals and the steps needed to reach them. It’s your life after all. Mapping out your route is up to you.


If you’re feeling irritable and wrung out today, Pisces, it may be a result of putting far too much pressure on yourself. It might be wise to take a look at the expectations you have of yourself. Consider if you would you place the same demands on those closest to you. If the answer is no, it’s time to revamp your life to suit the one you’re closest to – you.

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