HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions
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Today you might attend a small party or group event with some friends, if possible, and become separated from them. Don’t panic, Aries. You will probably run into them later. You might meet some new friends and hear some news that could interest you. This is a day when cell phones and other handheld devices are likely to come in handy. You will want to record or pass on a lot of information.


Surprise visitors could result in a small impromptu party of some sort, if possible. This could be fun for you, Taurus, but it could also be a bit irritating. It might interfere with something you had planned. There’s nothing you can do without sounding like Scrooge. Go with the flow, enjoy yourself, and then try to salvage your own plans as best as you can.


This isn’t the day to plan a trip by air, Gemini. Everything that can go wrong with such a trip will – delays, lost luggage, obnoxious seatmates. If you have one planned for today, change it to a future date if possible. This also isn’t a good day to take an online class, since your attention span could be unusually short. What can you do? Relax, read, surf the Internet. A lot of interesting information could spark your curiosity.


One of your ambitions in life is to be financially independent, and lately you might have made great strides toward attaining that goal. Today, through no fault of your own, you may receive information that indicates there may have been a setback. However, all is not as it seems. Don’t go into a panic until you know all the facts, Cancer. You’re probably still right on track.


A surprising revelation from a friend or acquaintance might wake you up to the fact that you don’t really know this person as well as you thought you did. Information could set you off on a search for knowledge that keeps you occupied for hours. A child or young person could come to you and ask for help. This promises to be a busy but interesting day, Leo. Make the most of it!


Your mind is likely to be going a thousand miles an hour today, Virgo. Thoughts and ideas are pouring into your head like rain from the sky. Some of them might be confusing and others contradictory. You might be tempted to puzzle over them until you give yourself a headache. Write them down and look at them in a day or two. Your ideas are more likely to make sense to you then.


An old friend you haven’t seen for a long time may suddenly resurface, perhaps contacting you through social media. This could take you by surprise, Libra, but you won’t be any less happy to talk to him or her again. Surprising news of another kind may come to you through email or phone, and this might set you off in a totally different direction from the one you started in this morning.


A sudden, unexpected problem at home could be rather upsetting. This probably relates to plumbing, electricity, or some other kind of home equipment. You will have to handle it, Scorpio, which means you will be housebound for most of the day waiting for a repairman when you’d rather be out. A friend might hear of your predicament and come over to keep you company.


Upsetting news that you receive from far away, perhaps by phone or email, could send you into an emotional tailspin. There’s an aura of uncertainty about what you hear – it may not make sense. Before you pass along the news or panic, Sagittarius, make sure you know all the facts. You’re likely to find that it’s been blown all out of proportion. In view of this, you deserve a fun evening.


Computer glitches or bank errors might send erroneous information to you about your finances. Perhaps the bank says you have less money than you do, or a bill is higher than you thought it should be. If you can, make sure it gets settled today. You won’t want to spend your day under this cloud. You will probably want to indulge in total frivolity. Go ahead, Capricorn, you deserve it!


You and someone close could disagree on an issue that both of you feel strongly about. Stubborn pride on both your parts could keep you from working things out. Let it go, Aquarius. It isn’t worth ruining your relationship. Someone you know might be headed for divorce or moving away, and the news could be a shock to you. This should be a day of surprises – not all of them pleasant.


Problems with machines could have your nerves on edge. This may be one day when everything seems to break. Some problems you might be able to fix yourself, Pisces, but at least one may involve something that has to be replaced. This might be the one you need the most right now. Think of it as a sign from the universe that you should do something else. That’s the only way to stay sane.

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