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You could be the one everyone runs to for advice today, Aries. You’re the one with all the answers who can easily pull the rabbit out of a hat. Trust your judgment and intellectual know-how. Feel free to push yourself to the limit. If you go too far, you can always take a step back. If you never drive all the way to the boundaries, you will never know how far you can go.


You may get frustrated when you find that people aren’t as sensitive to a situation as you want them to be, Taurus. While you’re looking to make a strong connection with someone, almost wanting to take possession of his or her feelings, that person, in turn, is trying to pull back. People are apt to gravitate toward rational facts rather than intense, smothering emotions.


A small spark in a dry field is apt to whip the hill into flames, Gemini. A raging wildfire may be underway by the end of the day. Know that you’re one of the biggest perpetrators, but don’t feel badly about it. Fire is destructive but also necessary. Clearing out brush and offering a fresh new place in which new growth can flourish is an important part of the cycle of nature.


Put on some lively music you can dance to and really kick up your heels, Cancer. It’s time to put away the sour mood and have fun. You will find that the more you engage in intellectual discussions with people today, the more you will get warmed up to the idea that life should be fun, not the pain and stress you sometimes make it out to be.


This is a tremendously expansive time for you, Leo, and there is very little that will stop your momentum once you get going. Your eyes are alive with a spark that says that you’re ready to take on the world. Believe this about yourself and others will believe in you. There is a great deal of luck on your side today, so take a gamble in a certain part of your life.


This is a good time to put things in writing, Virgo. Your gift with words is apt to shine today as you write a proposal, email, or love poem. You’re able to communicate very well when you put your sensitive emotions aside and concentrate on what you think instead of what you feel. Expand your influence by focusing on those things that require a more cerebral approach.


The day’s energy is apt to be lively, making it much easier to get the things done that you need to do, Libra. You will find people are more than eager to help you. The trick is to integrate your leadership abilities with the knowledge available from other people. You will create a winning combination of power and strength to put to use in just about any realm of your life.


Obstacles that you have ignored are suddenly starting to expand beyond reasonable proportions, Scorpio. Be careful of what you say as a result, because your words could spread like wildfire. This is no laughing matter. Difficulties in your world are likely to crop up, and you will find your ego threatened. Try to keep some sort of emotional barrier.


This is a terrific day for you, Sagittarius, and you will glow brightly from head to toe as you radiate your true inner self to the world. You will find profound joy in the simplest, most ordinary circumstances. If you run out of things to say, feel free to whistle a tune. This isn’t likely to happen today, since you will overflow with things to talk about.


Tap into the boisterous, lighthearted mood of the day instead of getting bogged down with heavy emotions, Capricorn. This is a good time to engage your mind rather than let your heart take control. Be aware of the expansive nature of the day that allows you to think clearly without getting bothered by emotions. Take the cerebral route to figuring out what you need to do to smooth any bumps in the road.


Your optimism will be inspiring today, Aquarius. You will find that your lighthearted approach is perfectly suited to taking care of any issue that arises. Toss a few jokes into the mix and remind other people that it isn’t necessary to take things so seriously. The sun is shining as you proudly parade down the street with your head held high.


Difficult challenges that have been lingering on the sidelines will probably become more prominent today, Pisces. There is a strong possibility that things will come to a head. The problem was easy to overlook at first, but now that it has taken on a life of its own, you may have to consult someone who is more of an expert on these types of situations than you are.


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