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A powerful bond between you and a romantic partner could have you walking around with your head in the clouds, Aries. Things between you seem to be improving by leaps and bounds. Right now, it all seems just too perfect. Savor every moment of your time together. You will want to remember them when times aren’t quite so easy. We all deserve such halcyon days. You and your beloved should definitely make the most of it.


Taurus, love of all kinds – the love of friends, the affection of family members, romantic love – flourishes in the home today as you hear from a great deal of people, perhaps unexpectedly. One of these people could bring some wonderful news about money. A strong sense of unity should be very apparent, at least to you.


A small gathering of friends, relatives, and neighbors could take place in your neighborhood today, if possible, Gemini. You might run into a few old friends you haven’t seen in a long time and enjoy catching up. A former romantic partner could also get in contact. Are you still interested? If so, pursue it. It might work this time! If you’re no longer interested, perhaps you could now be friends. Think about it!


If you’ve asked your employer for a raise recently, Cancer, the astral energy indicates that you can expect to receive one soon. Your employer is greatly impressed with your efforts, and probably thinking that you might be setting your sights elsewhere. Opportunities may certainly appear, although this is obviously not the time to decide. Take some time to really think and consider everything carefully.


An unexpected letter or package might arrive sometime today, Leo. This could be a gift from a lover – perhaps a bit more lavish than you would have expected. You could receive other communications as well. At least one could be related to your job in some way. A virtual party invitation could also come, and you will probably want to attend. A significant other will want to join you.


Happiness reigns in the home right now, Virgo. Money comes pouring in from bonuses, salary from extra hours, or gifts. You may be considering spending some of this money on either adding to or refurbishing your home. If you’re having trouble making a decision, consider consulting a decorator. There is great harmony within your family. You seem to understand each other on an intuitive level.


Are you single, Libra? If so, today you might fall in love at first sight. You may have been frustrated lately by the lack of available, interesting people, but today you could meet someone who seems too perfect for words. And you can rest assured that the attraction is mutual! If you’re already involved, you can expect a revival of the fairytale romance between you and a significant other.


A strong attraction to someone could take you by surprise today, Scorpio. This person could be involved in the arts in some way, perhaps film, television, or recording. You might spend considerable time, perhaps virtually, together for the purpose of working on a project, but the energy between you should be strong and apparent to both of you. If you’re interested in a new relationship, make sure you look your best!


Are you involved in a creative project that involves modern technology, Sagittarius? If so, progress could be made by leaps and bounds, starting today. A lucky break might set you off in a new direction that adds depth and dimension to your work. Communication with colleagues should be warm, congenial, and supportive. There is a sense of unity that pervades the group and adds to the energy and enthusiasm. You will love the results of your efforts.


If you own your home or have any kind of investments in real estate, Capricorn, you might hear some great news today about the value of that investment. It’s likely to be increasing, and probably will continue in that direction. This could make a big difference in your life in some way right now. In fact, there might be a number of options opening to you. Consider them all carefully and go for the gold.


Are you technically single but very deeply involved with someone, Aquarius? If so, don’t be surprised if today you extend or receive a proposal of marriage. Recent events have brought you very close together and greatly intensified the bond between you. Your partner may want to legalize that bond. Do you? If there is even the smallest doubt, give yourself some time to think. Acting on impulse isn’t a good idea right now.


Exciting news could come to you today that could bring a lot of joy into your life, Pisces. Your income may soon skyrocket, and more opportunities to advance yourself professionally should start coming thick and fast. You may even receive some sort of public acknowledgment. This isn’t the end of the line, however – this is only the beginning! You will be glad to know you can expect this trend to continue for some time.


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