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Today you might strategize ways to make a little extra money to prepare to move ahead with your life and ambitions. This might be in conjunction with your significant other or some close friends. Browsing online shops might result in impulse purchases, as gifts or perhaps for yourself. In the evening, plan some time alone with your partner or go on your favorite dating app and look for one if you’re single.


Your naturally passionate nature should be more aroused than usual today. The festive atmosphere around you gives rise to warm, intimate feelings that bring friends and couples closer together, Taurus, so prepare for some good times and excitement in the home tonight, if possible. Optimism and enthusiasm should fill the air. You will feel secure and comfortable yet crackling with ardor. Go for it!


An intense card, email, or phone call could come from a sibling or other relative today. Perhaps this is a good chance to patch up an old quarrel with this person, but don’t be tempted to start another! Emotions are running high now, Gemini, and it wouldn’t take much to set someone off. You might want to go out and do a little shopping but be careful. Traffic could be bad.


Contact with a friend’s may have to be delayed, and this might worry you. It will be necessary to make a special effort to get almost anything done today, Cancer. You could have some urgent chores to complete, but the streets and stores may be full of impatient people. Relax, breathe deeply, and summon every bit of energy you have. You don’t want to put anything off now.


A love relationship could take on a higher and more spiritual aspect during this period, creating a desire for your souls to bond. The planetary atmosphere brings you closer together, and you may experience a closer sense of intimacy. You two might spend time with mutual friends today, if possible, enjoying yourselves, but at the same time anxious to be alone. Bask in the glow.


The planetary energy might find you responding to a sudden sense of inspiration that arouses your creativity. You may feel an unexpected urge to write, paint, draw, or compose some music. You may want to sequester yourself, which could cause some problems with friends and family members who want to be on close contact with you. Don’t ignore this impetus, Virgo. As you know, inspiration can vanish as quickly as it comes.


You’ve been very busy, professionally and socially, and now you’re probably longing for a romantic encounter. If you’re currently involved, you should schedule some time alone with the special person in your life. If you aren’t involved, don’t be surprised if someone new appears on the scene. You could fall in love at first sight or an old friend could suddenly look different to you. Make sure you look your best!


You’re likely to want to spend some time alone with your partner today, Scorpio, but with the current planetary influences at play, either you or your honey’s career concerns could get in the way. An unexpected opportunity needs to be explored right away, so you might not be able to spend any time together now. Contact with friends could also prove frustrating since everyone is busy.


A co-worker might be away, and this could increase the amount of work that you have to do, causing strain and upset, especially if you aren’t familiar with the work. Don’t try to do it all at once. A distant family member you haven’t heard from for a while could phone out of the blue, and you could spend a happy half hour catching up


While you normally like all of your romantic relationships to be extremely nurturing and comforting, you may find that this isn’t always possible, Capricorn. There’s a disconnect between you and a close partner right now that could be hard to rectify. Time is really the only thing that’s likely to resolve this sort of problem. Remember that all of your relationships can’t always go exactly according to plan.


A creative project that you’ve been working on may be coming to a climactic peak now, Aquarius. Discuss your progress with others and feel free to hold an informal critique in order to get honest feedback on your work. A piece of art should stir some sort of reaction inside another person. Consider ways in which you can challenge the people around you with your talent.


Be aware that love is likely to wear some sort of disguise today, Pisces. There’s something fanciful about the way in which this new romance will manifest, so get ready. Don’t think that love always has to be planned and calculated. There is a strong sense of spontaneity associated with the delicious love interest of the day. Don’t dismiss those who don’t seem practical or levelheaded enough for you.


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