Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you today, Aries. Words are especially powerful. Don’t use them lightly. Be thoughtful about how you treat others. Do your best to maintain peace. It isn’t a good idea to hold grudges or carry hatred for anyone. Good manners and a neat appearance are key elements to the day.


Feel free to express your independent attitude today, Taurus. Break out of any restrictions that might be keeping you from doing what you want to do. Also, make sure you aren’t compromising your own needs for those of others. Things should naturally flow your way, and you should be in a good mood for most of your waking hours. Smile at the people around you.


Have fun today and don’t be so serious about anything, Gemini. This is a good time to lay low and enjoy the scenery. Go to a movie or see a play. Go to a party and celebrate. Dress up in your most attractive garb and go in for the kill. This is a day to be talkative, lighthearted, and social. Heavy emotional issues will only weigh down the positive mood.


You can do no wrong today, Cancer. In fact, you can navigate through the cracks without anyone noticing. You may find that you would rather be up on center stage. This is fine, too, just as long as the choice is yours. Independence is a key theme for you today. You will find that the more you can break free, the better your mood will be.


Have some fun today, Leo. It’s time to balance all the work you’ve been doing with a little bit of fun. Yesterday’s honest efforts are turning into today’s rewards. There’s no need to be shy when it comes to receiving what is rightfully yours. Be proud of your accomplishments. If you can’t find someone to take you out to dinner, take yourself out!


The pace will be jumping today and your wit and cheerful words will be welcomed in almost every setting you enter, Virgo. Do things with others and see what kind of “trouble” you can stir up together. This is a time to get out and be social. Beautiful things and relaxing music are all favored on a day like this. You can do no wrong by just being your usual, outlandish self!


Many people may have a great deal to say today, Libra, but you could find that you’d rather sit and listen. Feel free to do so. A lot of what’s going around is gossip, so you might not want to get involved at all. This is probably a wise move. Keep your nose clean and simply absorb what you hear. Feel free to filter out anything that doesn’t sit right with you.


Don’t be selfish today, Scorpio. This is a time to think about others. Instead of plowing ahead with a project by yourself, consider enlisting the help of a partner or friend. Things are better accomplished cooperatively, regardless of how badly you may want to do something on your own. The effort put out by a team will produce unexpected results that prove quite favorable.


If you don’t say exactly what you mean today, Sagittarius, you might get into trouble. Don’t compromise your values just to maintain the peace. Love and romance are favorable for you, but only if your attitude is relaxed and carefree. Your emotions will be quite strong, so do your best to balance them with a rational frame of mind.


Today is apt to be favorable for you, Capricorn. You should keep the lines of communication open so you can spread your knowledge to others and receive the important information that is due to come your way. Your energy might come in erratic yet powerful bursts. You should find that your ego and emotions are quite strong.


You might feel a bit restless today, Aquarius. You may want to get the word out to others. Unfortunately, your tongue may be tied and it could be hard for you to express yourself exactly the way you want. Balance is key. You should work to foster harmony among your associates. This is a good time to get out and be social.


If you keep waiting for things to happen, Pisces, you may wake up one morning and realize that your life has passed and you never did half the things you dreamed of doing. The time to take action is now. Put your plan into effect. You may need to make some compromises, but you will find that, in general, people will follow your lead.