HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions
HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions


It’s imperative that you return to yourself this time of year, Aries. That means reconnecting with your resources, reassuring yourself of your skills, and hustling to make it all happen. Monday’s skies momentarily pull you out of this mission, as the full moon blooms in intimacy-seeking Scorpio. This lunation encourages you to do a psychological deep dive and face your relationship fears head on.


There’s so much going on in your world, Taurus. The universe has been imploring you to embrace unsetting changes that are ultimately helping you reflect a more authentic sense of who you are. Monday’s skies briefly redirect your attention, as the full moon emerges in your opposite sign of brooding Scorpio. This emotionally charged lunation reveals important developments in your intimate relationships.


This time of year has you doing some deep spring cleaning on a psychological level, Gemini. It’s important for you to clear out all the emotional cobwebs now so that you can burst onto the scene feeling fresh and renewed in the coming weeks. Today’s skies briefly redirect your focus from your inner world, as the full moon in sharp Scorpio illuminates the reality of your current work and health circumstances.


As a Cancer, you have a natural ambition that people tend to overlook. You’ve been hustling to get closer to your desired goals and part of that story has been about forming new connections within your community. Monday’s skies pull you out of this network-based headspace, as the full moon in deep-feeling Scorpio emerges. This lunation illuminates your creative potential and shines a revealing light on romantic endeavors.


Leo people are compelled to find their own personal spotlight and embrace it. This time of year helps you do just that, as you find yourself focusing on your calling and making important course corrections. Today’s skies bring you back down to your roots to examine your emotional foundation, as the full moon in feelingful Scorpio emerges. This lunation shines a revealing light on home, family, and nostalgic sentiments.



This time of year has you leaning into a mode of operation that’s usually difficult for you, Virgo. You’re learning to view your trajectory from a big-picture perspective as you work towards expanding your world. Monday’s skies momentarily aim to reconnect you with the smaller details that make up the whole, as the full moon in sharp Scorpio emerges. This lunation highlights your mental health and communication style.



As a Libra, you usually prefer to sidestep your messier emotions in relationships. This time of year asks you to sit with them and gently heal these wounds, rather than sweep them under the rug with logic and rationale. Today’s skies momentarily direct your focus away from the world of intimacy, as the feelingful Scorpio full moon emerges and shines a revealing light on your feelings of self-worth as a solo individual.



Scorpios are always looking to explore the depths of intimate relationships. This time of year sees you doubling down on that narrative, as you work through expectations and projections that warp your partnerships. Monday’s skies offer a wake-up call for you to return to yourself, as the full moon arrives in your sign. This lunation reveals any unexpressed feelings concerning your sense of independence.



This time of year encourages you to become your best possible self on all fronts, Sagittarius. This is no doubt an exhausting task, but you’re trying your hardest to cover your bases and get things organized. Monday’s cosmic landscape may bring some uncomfortable truths into the light, as the full moon in deep-feeling Scorpio emerges. Lean into the momentary escape in order to clean out any psychological cobwebs.



You’ve only just begun to lean into exploring a new side to your creative and romantic life, Capricorn. It’s been important for you to let yourself fully focus on your own desires. Today’s full moon in sharp Scorpio momentarily points your attention away from your personal world and shines a revealing light onto your sense of friendship, community, and long-term goals—helping you see your place in the world at large.



As an Aquarius, you’re a future-minded, progressive person. That’s why when this time of year rolls around and forces you to gaze into your past, it can be an uncomfortable place to be. Monday’s cosmic landscape briefly pulls you away from examining your home and family life, as the full moon in potent Scorpio emerges. This lunation illuminates career stories and reputation concerns.



This time of year forces you to deal with the details, Pisces. It’s important for you to get into a micro-focused mindset, so you can tackle the smaller parts that comprise the whole. Today’s skies momentarily take you out of this mode of thinking, as the full moon in pointed Scorpio emerges. This lunation helps you think big-picture and examine your trajectory from a macro perspective.


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