An unexpected financial windfall could come your way today, Aries. You may stand there with an open envelope in your hand, unable to speak. Whether it’s an unanticipated bonus, gift, or surprising stock dividend, invest the money wisely. You’ve spent a lot of money recently, and it would be good for you to begin to replenish the bank account.


Even though you’re slaving away at work, your mind is very much on romance. Passion is running high, especially yours, Taurus! If you already have a romantic partner, why not plan an intimate evening together? If you don’t yet have someone special in your life, it’s likely you will meet someone today or soon thereafter. Make sure you look your best at all times!


If you had to score your life right now, it would have to be a perfect ten. You look great, your career is going well, and your domestic life is harmonious. Could there be anything more to life? Don’t think so. You may receive news of more success at work when an important sale comes through or a project is successfully completed. You have much to celebrate, Gemini!


You have a lot to celebrate, Cancer, especially where your love life is concerned. Today you may receive a communication from your loved one that makes you yearn for this person’s company. You’ve been together a lot recently, attending many dinners and social gatherings, but you’ve had little one-on-one time. Do what you can to rectify that tonight!


There’s a lot of work to be done today, and much of it centers on finances. Whether you’re working on budgets or investments, you will easily finish the task. Your trusty computer will help you as you discover a new website that supports your efforts or post a question in a financial chatroom that yields many responses. Favorable advancement is likely, Leo, if not today then quite soon.


You may be privy to some information today that will ultimately result in financial gain, Virgo. You may get wind of a new company and be one of the first investors. Or perhaps what you hear gives you an idea for a new product that you bring to market yourself. The outlook for you is rosy indeed, although your success won’t come without putting your own skills and talents to use!


Expect to receive some great news today, Libra. Answer your phone and check email all day, because you never know when it will come. Indications suggest that success in all aspects of your life is coming. You may complete a project to acclaim or submit a report that’s accepted without question. These small successes boost your self-confidence, which brings more success. It’s a powerful cycle.


Your optimistic nature has served you well. This quality makes you a great manager since you can motivate and inspire co-workers. Today you may be recognized for your leadership abilities and can-do attitude. Your reward might be a promotion or bonus, or perhaps another project even more challenging than the last. Your career efforts bring you success. You have a lot to celebrate, Scorpio!


You woke up feeling happy and enthusiastic, Sagittarius. Your intuition tells you that you will achieve whatever you set your mind to. Whatever your goals – career, education, or personal – you’re bound to succeed. If you don’t have a significant other by your side to support your progress, all signs indicate that you will meet someone soon. If you have a mate, lucky you!


Whether you spend today with your feet on the ground or in an airplane, you’re eager and enthusiastic about your life direction. If you aren’t on your way to a distant land, it’s likely that you will be airborne soon, Capricorn. You’ve achieved tremendous success lately and that trend is going to continue. If this trip is a reward to yourself for all of your hard work, you deserve it!


Success and good fortune are strongly indicated today, Aquarius, along with a sense of optimism. All sorts of changes and surprises lie in store for you. You may receive information from a business partner that radically changes your short-term plans. A trip may be in order, or you could have a visitor. You accept the change in plans with your usual good humor. You’re a winner!


Money matters are highlighted today, Pisces. You can expect to spend a lot of time with the calculator as you balance your checkbook or begin to work on your budget. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly good with numbers, you will do a great job. You’re conscientious. Success in all endeavors is indicated today.


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