Books that you may have received as gifts could have you thinking deeply about spiritual or philosophical matters today, Aries. Your mind is quicker than usual, so you can probably grasp some rather complex ideas. Your practical side could bring up doubts as to the applicability of what you’re learning, but don’t worry about that. This should become clear to you eventually.


Your level of physical and mental energy is high today, Taurus. You may have been overindulging in food and drink lately, and so you could spend much of the day working out at the gym. Take a good book to read in the sauna, because you will also want the mental stimulation. At the end of the day you will feel good about yourself and ready to overindulge some more!


A memory, dream, vision, or meditation could trigger a rush of spiritual energy, Gemini. As a result, you might want to jot your experiences down so you won’t forget them. Try not to dwell on it too much. This isn’t the time to be reclusive! The process won’t stop. The insights should continue to come. Keep up your studies and meditation and you will go on growing indefinitely.


A message from a friend could make your day, Cancer. The good news may involve travel, money, or a love relationship. There could also be an intellectual matter that you’re anxious to look into, perhaps for the purpose of writing or teaching. A journey, possibly related to education, could be in the offing, perhaps with friends. A busy and stimulating day is definitely ahead.


The planetary energy leaves you in a contemplative mood, Leo. A lot of different possibilities have opened up for you recently, and you’re trying to figure out which is the most appropriate now. Sometimes it’s better to let things churn around in your subconscious for a while, and this could be one of those times. Forget it for now and have fun.


Talk of traveling to distant and exotic places could come up at a gathering of family and friends, Virgo. Some of the talk is pure fantasy, but there are a few people among you who are genuinely serious about their plans. Are you considering going away for a while? If so, you might listen to what your friends have to say. It would certainly be fun if all of you went together!


Career matters may be put on hold for a few days, Libra, but your professional future probably won’t be far from your thoughts, even in the midst of time spent with family and friends. You want to improve your financial situation, and a number of possibilities have come up. Don’t mull them over too much now. You don’t want to neglect your loved ones. Relax and enjoy their company today.


So many fascinating ideas have come your way over the past few days that your mind is spinning. Some of what you’ve heard could be so radical that it will take some time to make sense of it. You could also want to memorialize your thoughts, perhaps by making some notes or writing an article. Watching TV might get your mind off it all and help you relax a little. Go to it!


A deep, intimate conversation could take place today between you and a romantic interest, Sagittarius. If this is a casual relationship, it may suddenly become more. If you’re involved but not committed, you could reach an understanding. If you’re already committed, there may even be talk of marriage. The end result of this conversation should be happiness for both of you. Celebrate tonight at home.


This morning you may wake up from a dream with many inspiring new ideas. If you’re into creative activity of any kind, you will want to jot these ideas down, as well as possibilities for bringing them to the rest of the world. This could be through music, painting, writing, or any kind of art form. Don’t be surprised if your style changes a little. If nothing else, this demonstrates versatility!


A few extra things need to be done around the house today, Aquarius. A few more letters need to be written, a few more cleaning chores should be done, and you might still want to dress the place up a little. Your mood is very positive, and you should speed through these tasks with little energy drain. You will have plenty left for socializing tonight.


Children may be a part of your day today, Pisces. You might attend a party for children or a larger gathering that includes them. At some point you might even be telling them a story. This will probably be as much fun for you as for your audience, who are likely to be very appreciative. Don’t be afraid to ham it up a little – they’ll love it!

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