Today you might decide to sequester yourself at home, catch your breath, get your thoughts together, and recall the events of the past several days. You will also plan for the future, Aries, as you feel especially optimistic and energetic enough to pursue whatever goals you have. At some point you’re likely to share this with a close friend and seek his or her support and opinion.


Taking care of chores around the house might bring some home matters to your attention that need to be taken care of, Taurus. Perhaps there are a few minor repairs to make, or maybe you need a new piece of equipment or furniture. You should be optimistic about the future and confident enough to get back into your daily routine without feeling any letdown.


A group you’re associated with but have been neglecting may be on your mind today. You might want to fulfill your obligations to it. You could also consider completing a long-term project that was put on hold over the past week or so. Tying up loose ends may take up much of your time today and keep you busy, Gemini. Don’t forget to take a little time for yourself. You are your first priority!


Money may be coming your way through a contract of some kind. This is a positive development. Make sure you read every word in the document before you commit to anything. This is a good time to ask for a loan or fill out paperwork regarding scholarships, grants, or other forms of financial support. The process is going to be less complicated than you imagined, Cancer. Things should manifest quickly.


Are you sometimes afraid of appearing silly in front of people, Leo? The fear of failing in the eyes of others might be holding you back from real progress. The celestial energies are asking you to think about this carefully today. With all of your analytical strengths and abilities, just think of all that you could accomplish if you had the courage to take more risks!


You usually like to think of yourself as being a scientific, logical person, Virgo, but today you may think more like a mystic. Your intuition is more active than usual, and you might come up with the same words as someone close to you. You might also feeling especially inspired to work in an innovative way. Use your intuition and go for it!


Social invitations or opportunities to participate in group activities should come your way for a few weeks, Libra. Your phone could ring off the hook. Relations with others should be warm, friendly, and congenial, so any sort of get-together you schedule or attend today should go well and be informative. In the evening, plan a romantic encounter with the special person in your life.


You’re thinking about your future career development, Scorpio, and you aren’t happy with your current situation. Advancement is on your mind. Perhaps you seek a promotion or you want another job or you prefer to change careers entirely. This is the time to get your head together and firm up your plans. Success is on the horizon, but only if you work toward it.


Today is a good day to take time out for the small, sensual pleasures, Sagittarius. Perhaps this is a day for dessert, particularly chocolate or cheesecake. Don’t forget about the pleasures that nature can bring. You may want to spend time in a park or forest or next to a lake, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the beauty. You may also enjoy indulging in a massage.


Some time alone with a special person is definitely called for today, Capricorn. The social whirl of recent weeks has put you in touch with a lot of old friends and enabled you to make new ones. Now it’s time to relax at home. You might discuss your plans for your future together, perhaps regarding possible changes in your living situation. You might also give some thought to your career.


The possibility of moving out of your neighborhood may have occurred to you before, Aquarius, but events today might have you finally making up your mind to do it. Perhaps too many good neighbors have moved away, or maybe some good fortune has made it possible for you to move to a bigger place. There is much to consider and decide before it happens, but if this is what you really want, go for it.


Today you might be pleasantly surprised to realize that you’re in far better financial shape than you thought. You could discover a hidden talent for money management that you didn’t think you had. You might also be anticipating a raise or some other increase in income. Optimism and enthusiasm are what drive you today, Pisces. Your hopes for the future seem more grounded in reality than ever.

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