HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions
HOROSCOPE : Daily Predictions


You might be feeling somewhat under the weather, Aries. You’re probably stressed and in need of rest. Work concerns could also be confusing. You might have a lot of tasks to do and not be certain where to start. Maybe you shouldn’t start today at all. Perhaps you need to take the day off to rest and then tackle it tomorrow when you’re feeling like yourself again. Think about it!


Recent successes have you feeling especially pressured to continue on your path, Taurus. You may have to make some choices regarding your activities outside of career and family. You may have a lot of interests that all mean a lot to you, which makes it difficult to make choices. Don’t try to consider it today. Your mind is a bit befuddled. Wait a few days and then consider your options.


A letter or call from a relative could result in the prospect of an unexpected houseguest. You might be in a quandary as to what to do about it, Gemini. Your schedule could be crammed with other responsibilities. Don’t feel pressured into making any decisions today. Think about it for a day or so and list your options. Consider them all and then make your decision.


Travel plans might have you confused, Cancer. You may have a number of possibilities in mind, and all seem equally attractive. It probably isn’t feasible to go for them all. You may also face decisions regarding your education. You’re probably going to have to make a choice, but today isn’t the day to do it. Confusion is likely to reign. Wait a few days and then consider your options carefully.


New earning or investment possibilities could have you in a quandary over which one is the best for you, Leo. There are a number of solutions – technology may be one of them – but this isn’t the time to make any important decisions. Everything may seem equally attractive to you! Professional advice might help, but even so, don’t feel you have to make a decision right away. Wait a few days.


Your life may seem to be at a crossroads, Virgo. A number of different possibilities could be opening up to you. The only thing that seems certain now is that changes are on the horizon. You will be facing some choices, but today isn’t the day to consider them. Confusion reigns supreme. Be like Scarlet O’Hara and think about it tomorrow! You will be more focused and less doubtful by then.


Others’ attitudes toward you may seem to be changing. You may not be sure what this means. The fact is, Libra, you’re changing, and some of your friends may like what you’re becoming and others may feel less comfortable. You can’t stop what’s happening. It’s going to be a very positive process in the long run. It just may be difficult now. Bear with your friends and yourself.


A number of different and unexpected professional and personal possibilities might have you a bit confused about which way you want to go, Scorpio. You may face a choice of some kind, but right now you aren’t really sure about the direction you want to take. Don’t rush it. It isn’t necessary to do it all today. Wait a few days, consider your options and then make your decision.


Today you might face a choice, Sagittarius. You might be thinking in terms of relocating to advance your career, but you could be confused about your options. You might be grappling with several options. Input from family members isn’t likely to help at this time. Wait a few days and then think seriously about what you want to do.


An intellectual problem may prove confusing, Capricorn, and reading and research reveal contradictory information. You might also hear some gossip that doesn’t seem quite right. This isn’t the day to believe everything you read or hear or to try to make sense of anything that has you befuddled. You will be in a better space later. Put it aside for a few days and then tackle it.


Confusion about money might be on your mind today, Aquarius. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your finances are in chaos. Chances are that you face unfamiliar options concerning your financial future, and so you may be in no position to make any kind of decision. Don’t feel that you have to do it today. It would be best if you waited a few days until you’re a bit more focused to consider your options.


A relationship that you may have recently formed might have you in a dither today, Pisces. This could be romantic or some other sort of acquaintance. You might not be sure about which way you want this involvement to develop. This isn’t the day to think much about it, as things probably won’t become clear today. Wait a few days, get to know the person a little better, and then consider your options.


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