Good Evening Prime Minister,


You are also a lawyer, deep inside I wonder whether you are convinced with your Attorney General’s communication exercise this evening.

Should there be an exclusion of liability clause or not ? I don’t think people really care whether or not to sue the Government for any accident caused due to the vaccin. The time these cases take in our courts, sometimes decades, cannot compensate nor help those in need for the hardships they will suffer.

Even if the chances of death and disability are minimal, when you put people first you take care of the family which will be left in despair should the bread earner die or become incapacitated to earn a living and pay for the family’s home loan for example. They need immediate support and comfort.

Government is by the people for the people and not against the people. UK did it why can’t we ? Why can’t we come up with a similar law exclusively under the Covid situation? Why can’t we put a sort of an insurance fund with a limit and use the Prime Minister’s Solidary Fund for this purpose? It’s not the State’s money it’s contribution of citizens for solidarity purposes to those in need. This compensation in place, there will be no need for any exclusion clause nor any debate about who to sue and get sued.

We need to care for the rare exceptions if they do happen, these desperate families are your citizens Hon. Prime Minister. You can do it and as you often say ‘gouverner c’est prévoir’. This is one of these moment to walk the talk !

Thank You.

A citizen who cares.

Balkrishna Kaunhye
18 March 2021

Balkrishna Kaunhye

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