The desire to improve your home’s appearance might suddenly come over you today, Aries. Whether you’re planning some redecorating, landscaping, refurnishing, or simply a thorough cleaning, you will probably take the bull by the horns and concentrate on nothing else. The results will speak for themselves. Get family members to help you. You won’t want to be too tired to enjoy what you’ve done.


Much of your day may be spent running around your neighborhood, Taurus, perhaps in the company of your partner. You may have a lot of errands to run, or perhaps you’re just antsy and unwilling to spend the day indoors. Whichever it is, you may come into contact with some unusual people and events. Take a notebook and camera. You might want a record of it all.


A financial windfall might come your way, Gemini. This may not be a lottery win or surprise inheritance. It’s probably something you’ve worked hard for, but more than you expected. As a result, you could walk around in a daze for much of the day. Don’t try to make plans for it. Put it aside until you’re used to the idea of having it. Only then will your practical nature kick in.


You’re probably feeling full of energy, Cancer, and looking for an outlet for it aside from the usual jog or workout. A hike along a scenic path would be just the thing. Phone a friend and see if you can arrange to do it together. Your friend will probably be as enthusiastic as you. You may enjoy yourselves so much that you decide to make it a weekly event.


Your subconscious mind is active today, Leo, perhaps releasing old traumas from the past. Memories from long ago could pour into your mind as though floodgates were opened. Many of them won’t be pleasant. This is good nonetheless. You’re releasing obstacles caused by these memories. By the end of the day you will feel so much lighter. Make the most of it.


You tend to be an adventurous soul by nature, Virgo. Today the desire to do something you’ve never done before could be overwhelming. You might toy with outrageous ideas like learning to skydive or bungee jump. You probably you won’t go that far, but you could opt for something like river rafting or mountain climbing. You have a lot of options open to you. Think about them.


If you’ve been thinking about studying astrology, Libra, this is the day to do it. Even if you already know the field, you might decide to branch out into a newer or more radical aspect, such as Draconic or galactic astrology. You will learn more quickly and retain more of what you learn, so no matter what interests you, this is the day to put some effort into learning more about it.


Your innate sense of adventure is active today, Scorpio. Travel is on your mind. You and some friends may kick around ideas for an unconventional trip to an exotic place, such as sailing to Tahiti. The urge could pass, but it might not. Do some research and find out what your options really are. It might not work out as you visualized, but a little adventure could do you some good.


Career matters may involve some touchy circumstances that require ingenious methods to solve, Sagittarius. You’re in the right frame of mind to come up with them. You’re definitely up for a challenge, and you will probably dig right in and come up with lots of great ideas. These concepts will not only get you through the current situation but also prove useful in the future. Go to it.


A social event could bring you into contact with some interesting people in fascinating fields, Capricorn, some from distant places. Discussions could turn you on to one or more new interests, which you will probably want to pursue later. You might receive an invitation to visit an exotic place. If you’re single, you could meet a potential lover. This will be an evening to remember.


A burst of physical energy might have you spending hours working out today, Aquarius. You might decide to try a new and ambitious exercise program. Take care not to push yourself past your limits. A heightened sense of adventure combines with a powerful desire to be fit, and it might drive you to exhaustion if you aren’t careful. You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk.


Are you involved in an ambitious, creative project of some kind, Pisces? You might have so much to do that you decide to take on a partner, if you haven’t already. When you and this person work together, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. Without him or her, you might try to do the whole project yourself, which won’t do you or the project any good.

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