You could be expecting an important letter, call, or email today, Aries, and sit on the edge of your chair waiting for it. This might be from a friend or lover. It could be delayed, and this might get you flustered. Distract yourself and do something else while you wait. If you make good use of the hours, the time will fly by.


Unfounded worries about money could plague you today, Taurus. Someone close may have given you some incorrect information, perhaps about your financial situation, but more likely regarding trends in the economy that could affect your finances. Don’t waste time worrying. Check out the facts before driving yourself crazy. You will probably find that you’ve been misinformed.


You don’t worry too much, Gemini, but today might be different. Insecurity may arise about a partnership. This might be a current or potential romantic relationship. Perhaps there has been little if any communication between you and your insecurity is coming to the forefront. Don’t let fear or shyness keep you from meeting this person halfway. Your insecurities are probably unfounded.


Worries about health and work might be on your mind today, Cancer. You could be stressed out over whatever you’re doing, and this might have you feeling less energetic than usual. It’s a good idea to work a little to lessen the stress in your life. This feeling is going to pass whatever you do. Try to rest a little and have some fun in spite of the stress.


Today you may want to set aside some time to spend with close friends or a love partner, Leo. Other responsibilities could have you on your own, taking care of errands and other important matters. You may have the feeling of being lonely in a crowd. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Take care of business and get back to your loved ones.


Today you might concentrate on projects. These could be related to your personal relationships. Whatever the nature of your tasks, Virgo, don’t be surprised if you find them confusing. You might be tempted to chuck it all and go out, but this isn’t a good idea. Better to try to make sense of the confusion than put it off. It won’t get any better with time.


Libra, making or receiving an important letter or call regarding money might be on your agenda today, but circumstances beyond your control could delay it. This could prove frustrating. Take care of whatever you have to do. Distract yourself if you have to sit and wait. Nothing is worth stressing over. The call will come in time, so just relax.


Worries about money might plague you today, Scorpio. They might have little, if any, basis in fact, as you’re probably fretting over possibilities that aren’t likely to ever manifest. A little caution with regard to budgeting and spending today certainly won’t hurt you. It’s best to be objective and see the situation as it really is. Otherwise, you could make yourself crazy over nothing.


Today you could look in the mirror and be appalled by what you see, activating your insecurity about the way you look. This could send you looking for various treatments. Go ahead if you want, Sagittarius, but your impressions are clouded right now and you probably look far better than you think. If you get together with a love partner, this person’s reaction should give you the reassurance you need.


Artistic or spiritual inspiration could come your way today, Capricorn, although it might be muddled and you could be perplexed about how to deal with it. Don’t try to force the issue. Write down your ideas and return to them later. Someone close might feel unwell, and you may want to spend some time with him or her. This might take some effort, but it won’t go unappreciated.


Today you may spend some time by yourself working on your own projects, Aquarius. The desire to spend time alone with a special someone may also interfere with plans you’ve already made to attend a social gathering or event involving a lot of people. You won’t want to give up either, so you might try to find a compromise of some kind. Think about it.


Various personal issues might be on your mind today, Pisces. You could want to work them all out without distractions, so you may decide to spend part of the day alone. Responsibilities from the outside world might make it impossible for you to take as much time as you’d like. Don’t let it get to you. Work out the matters that seem most pressing and save the rest for later.


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