Too much reading might have you experiencing eyestrain and possibly headaches, Aries. It might help to have your eyes checked, but it’s probably just too much stress. You might have some trouble focusing on whatever work you do today, but this is only a temporary condition. You should be back to your normal self tomorrow. Stay home tonight, listen to music, and take it easy.


Doubts about business and financial matters might weigh on your mind now, Taurus, so much so that they invade your dreams. The dreams are only a reflection of your worries – they aren’t prophetic. Your situation is probably better than it seems on the surface. Lack of information clouds the issue. Check the facts and judge them for yourself before making yourself crazy.


A scheduling conflict may come up today, Gemini. A business engagement could interfere with a social event. You might doubt whether you can attend both, but if you plan carefully, it should be OK. Someone at home might not be communicative, which could cause a little worry. This person has issues they need to work out for themselves. Just be there if needed.


Confusing communications could be the pattern for today, Cancer. Some paperwork you need to do for a task might be delayed – hung up in the mail or filed in the wrong place. It might take a while to locate it, but it should turn up eventually. There might be some strange messages for you, and you may not be sure whether or not you should return the calls.


Today you could doubt the amount of money you might get from a business transaction. If you can, verify this before starting anything. You aren’t being told something. Personal relationships, particularly love and romance, should be stable and rewarding now, although today you may not have much time to spend with those you care about. Hang in there.


Business transactions that could take place in your home or perhaps involve the home might seem a bit unclear today, Virgo. Before agreeing to anything, read the fine print and verify all the facts about what you’re signing. Use your intuition. It’s very high at this time. Family members might be confused about events in their lives, but they’ll get over it.


You might get a lot of mixed messages from friends, relatives, and colleagues, Libra. They may say one thing while you sense that they mean something else. Insist on hearing how they really feel. This can prevent a lot of resentment later. New businesses could open in your neighborhood that you might want to check out. Take a look – especially if it’s a new bookstore.


Today you might not feel secure about your financial situation, Scorpio, and get a little nervous. Disconcerting information in the news about the general state of the world economy might have planted some unsettling seeds in your mind. On the whole, you should be pretty financially stable now, and this trend is likely to continue. Check out the facts before giving in to panic.


Some unsettling news about your work situation might reach you today and make you worried, Sagittarius. You might question your future in this field and possibly consider a change. Consider it, by all means, but this isn’t the day to make a final decision of any kind. Wait until you’re in a more secure frame of mind. In the meantime, list your different options. This will get you back to reality.


You’re a logical person, Capricorn. When insights come to you through ESP, you tend to doubt their validity. Don’t do this. If a feeling is particularly strong, go with it. Don’t write it off because it seems illogical. Life isn’t always predictable. If you give yourself permission, you can trust your intuition about nearly anything.


Doubts about a friend’s motives could plague you today, Aquarius. This person seems to be acting strangely and isn’t communicating. This probably has little if anything to do with you. This person has issues that he or she is having trouble with. There are others who are in a better space whose company you will enjoy at this time. Get together and enjoy the amiable atmosphere.


A friend or family member might act strangely and seem distracted. You may wonder if he or she is upset with you. This probably isn’t the case. This person has issues that need attention. Allow them some space. A romantic partner might have to break a date tonight. Spend the evening alone with a novel and look forward to the next get-together.

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