Habib Mosaheb

“May be this is not the Christmas to ask for everything we want…May be this year, we just need to be grateful for what we have”. –UNKNOWN. (This quote that I received from a Facebook friend, has inspired me to write the following text).

1.This is the time to wake up and look around, to leave our comfort zone, to express our generosity and solidarity, in words and in deeds, to those who have nothing; even if we too, we don’t have much.
This is the time to be together, to share happy moments, to give and receive, small and big gifts alike, as they all come from the heart and the soul.
Why should we not take some time to rest and recover from stress and distress, before facing again more difficult days=may be, more hard time, more harsh time.
Surely, we will fall and fail sometimes; but we will always rise up, shine again and move on. RIDE ON, SAYS THIS OLD MAN.

You have no reason to fear, to remain quiet and silent, nor to be neutral… Don’t forget that “THE WORLD WILL NOT BE DESTROYED BY THOSE WHO DO EVIL; BUT BY THOSE WHO WATCH THEM WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING”. (Einstein)
This is the time to reunite, “as one people, as one nation. In peace, justice and liberty (national anthem)”; Do not let the “wolves” tear apart our social fabric, our social harmony.
This is the time to open the mind, to listen to others, to accept “le droit à la difference”, to discuss, to consult, to look for consensus. In face of national calamity, natural or man-made (Covid-19 or Wakashio).

This is the time to talk, to “ mett la tete ensam”. But, to dialogue, you need at least two persons, two entities…What can you do “ si les princes du jour refusent de dialoguer, et vont même jusqu’à affirmer qu’ils en ont les moyens, les compétences et les idées, et n’ont besoin de personne : « WE ARE GOVERNMENT, SO GOVERNMENT DECIDES ».
Les princes du jour, leurs conseillers, leurs agents et « chamchas » devraient savoir que l’arrogance du pouvoir mène à la destruction.

2.Mauritius is also a WONDERLAND. Ici, nous avons inventé l’hélicoptère flottant, qui ne sort pas quand la mer est mauvaise. Alors que les gens sensés savent que le plus souvent, la mer houleuse n’est forcément pas accompagnée de BAD WEATHER DURING WHITCH THE HELICO CAN NOT GO OUT…
This is wonder-island where a new mathematical formula has been invented: where 24/7 is any figure except 24 and seven. Any figure below 24 and 7.

Ici, les dauphins meurent d’overdose parce-que des convoyeurs ont jeté de la poudre blanche dans la mer…
Ici, la valeur des terrains n’augmente pas, même après plus de sept ans. Petite précision : c’est le cas surtout dans certains quartiers où sous les rochers, il y a des anguilles…
Ici, depuis quelques temps, c’est devenu la terre des suicides en série. Soopramanien Kistnen s’est-il suicidé ? Oui, selon la police. Non, selon les avocats de la veuve du défunt. Il ne s’est pas suicidé ; on l’a suicidé, ce grand agent du MSM. Pourquoi ? Par qui ?

3.But THEN, this is the time to be in holiday mood, and to be happy, too.

Merry Christmas.
“May be this is not the Christmas to ask for everything we want…May be this year, we just need to be grateful for what we have”.