New opportunities to advance your professional standing may arise, Aries. The aspects bode well for business and money. Promising new projects may present themselves. Your tendency to serve and nurture others should strengthen your work relationships, so morale on the job takes a tangible upswing at this time. Warmth and affection for friends, children, romantic partners, and even casual acquaintances should increase and enhance relationships.



Restlessness may plague you throughout the day, Taurus, because you could be brimming over with physical energy but have no outlet for it. You might have to stay in and wait for something important, which could prove frustrating. Put on an exercise video and do aerobics while you wait. This isn’t a good day to start new projects. Limit your social interactions to exercising with others at the gym.



Though current business and money matters could well encounter obstacles, at this time you may find yourself reaping the rewards of past efforts. Your naturally persevering nature practically assures more success in the future, Gemini, even though you might be blocked now. New insights as to how to continue to progress could come your way today. It might be a good idea to write them down so you’ll be assured of having them at your fingertips later.



Today your powers of persuasion are at an all-time high. This is a good day to ask for a raise or promote a new project. Your drive to gain recognition for your accomplishments may necessitate seeking the public eye, so if publicity is what you need, this is the day to go for it. Your observational skills are acute, as is your insight into others’ feelings. This is definitely a good day to seek advancement.



This day bodes well for accomplishments in business and finance. Long-term investments of either time or funds may finally pay off. New opportunities could come your way. This is a better time to complete old projects than start new ones, Leo, but if you must, new projects started now should be successful. Celebrate by treating yourself to new clothes. Wear them for a longtime friend or lover this evening.



Your insight, creativity, and inventiveness are in full swing, Virgo, and new ideas come thick and fast. However, you might find yourself too caught up in boring, mundane tasks to do very much about it. Yet physical energy is plentiful, so you have it in you to take care of chores and then have time to do what you enjoy. You’ll produce results if you remember to pace yourself. Work too hard and you’ll be too tired!



As a natural healer, you might find yourself experiencing a rush of transformative energy today, which you should put into practice. This is a great time to go for a massage or study natural healing modalities such as herbs or aromatherapy. Combine them with your innate healing abilities, Libra, and you might be happy with the results. Your mind is especially receptive right now. You’ll retain more of what you learn than you usually would.



Be prepared to work diligently toward making your dreams a reality today, Scorpio. Success is definitely on the way, though it may not be approaching quite as quickly as you might like. A lot of significant letters and phone calls could come your way, keeping you busy. Don’t allow yourself to get too frazzled, though. Take time periodically throughout the day to sit quietly and recoup your energy.



You could find it harder than usual to wake up this morning, Sagittarius, as your energy may be flagging. Personal or professional pressures might stir feelings of futility, but don’t fall into this trap. In spite of your momentary lethargy, everything on the horizon looks far better than it seems – primarily because of your own hard work. Retire early tonight and tomorrow you’ll feel more energetic.


Today it might suddenly hit you that you have a lot of unfinished tasks that need to be completed, and this might lead to a case of the blues. Take heart! The process appears more overwhelming than it is, Capricorn. A little planning and focused discipline should enable you to get through everything without stressing yourself out too much. In the evening, reward yourself with a meal out or a movie.


Business and financial matters look promising today, Aquarius, but you could find yourself torn between the need to attend to these matters and the desire to relax at home. If you have to make a choice, it might be best to choose the former, because today’s aspects promise opportunities that might not come around again for a while. The evening should be your own. Plan an intimate dinner with a lover. You’ll like the results!



Today, Pisces, matters surrounding business and finances need immediate attention, and this could prove a bit disheartening. Do you have a lot of unfinished tasks that have piled up? Gear up and get to them. They aren’t going away, and you’ll feel better about everything when they’re out of the way. You might find that clearing up these old matters allows new opportunities to flow your way.

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