Just when you’re feeling good and solid in your plan, Aries, something or someone may step in to rain on your parade. It’s as if you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. Blame the global pandemic?why not? Even as a feeling of doubt creeps into your personal picture, try not to let these nagging, restrictive energies hold you back. Be confident about your abilities.


Restriction might weigh heavily on you today, Taurus. Perhaps you’re reminded that there are some critical details about health and finance that you need to take care of. Perhaps you’d be wise to adopt a more disciplined approach in your life. Is now a time for some restructuring? Don’t be afraid of change, and don’t let feelings of responsibility hold you down. Responsibility can be your best friend.



Try not to worry too much today, Gemini. Take care of details and work to get things accomplished. When you can check items off your list, you’ll feel much better about yourself and the direction you’re headed. Keep your eyes open and try not to have tunnel vision on every issue. Give people the benefit of the doubt instead of the third degree. Concentrate on what you need to do.



Aspects of your life that you’ve neglected lately might haunt you on a day like today, Cancer. Make sure to keep up with all your responsibilities. Things may come to a dramatic climax at this time, and you could find yourself at an important crossroads. Nervous energy could send you running around frantically in search of the right path. Don’t let indecision keep you from getting where you need to go.



You might find it easier to connect with others at this time, Leo. It would behoove you to reconnect with friends or family members you may have lost touch with. Their energy can bring an entirely different perspective to your life, which could surprise you with its richness. The aspects are also good for meeting new people. You’ll have to do it from a safe distance, of course, but it’s still possible!


Disciplined action is the best way to go about your day, Virgo. Stay focused on your path. You can accomplish many tasks at the same time if you play your cards right today. Remember, there’s a difference between discipline and getting bogged down with details. Certain people will always make you worry, but don’t let their negative energy get in the way of your progress.



Decisions will be even more difficult to make than usual today, Libra. On the one hand, you may feel a need to stabilize and specialize, while on the other hand, it’s hard to deny the energy raging in a million different directions as you crave new experiences and interactions. Try to adopt a plan that combines both of these energies. Nervous energy keeps you moving, and social distancing keeps you focused.


Feeling solidly grounded might also have you feeling less than energetic about getting the ball rolling, Scorpio. Don’t be surprised if your sense of restriction and duty are weighing you down. Rest and reflection are very important in the natural cycle. Don’t assume that you always need to be on the go in order to make progress. Put your warring nature aside today and take it easy.



Things will go more and more in your favor over the next four weeks, Sagittarius, although today they might seem slow to get moving. If your body feels stressed or tense, that lack of get-up-and-go is understandable. Don’t worry about your missing motivation. With the world on pause right now, many people are experiencing this. The feeling will pass and you’ll be your old self again in no time.



Discipline and duty have been major themes for you lately, Capricorn. It might seem as if someone has put the brakes on your current plan. Try not to see this as negative. In reality, now is an important time for you to slow down and think ahead. Many givens are shrouded in uncertainty these days. Use this period to organize your scattered energy. Focus and streamline your life while nothing else is going on.


Your ego and physical vitality should experience a boost today, Aquarius. Hone in on the solid, grounding energy that’s encouraging you to come to terms with your emotions. Be aware of the fact that your recent gloomy attitude may be weighing heavily on the ones you love. Be careful that you aren’t hurting someone just because you know that they’ll forgive you.



It might be hard to find the exact direction you’re looking for today, Pisces. Maybe there’s a strong force urging you to slow down and be more practical with your energy. This may not be the advice you want to hear, but it’s probably the advice you need to follow. Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you, regardless of how much you might like to think it does. Others have problems of their own these days.

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