It’s a day of challenges, Aries. You’re a pro at questioning yourself, as you’ll prove today when you take a hard look at your accomplishments. In the last ten years, what have you created that’s truly yours? Have you followed someone else’s example because you doubted yourself? Have you been eternally “almost” ready? Have you dared to jump into projects that were still imperfect? These questions need to be addressed.



If you give the impression that you’re in a reserved, introspective mood (even if you aren’t), you’ll succeed in avoiding confrontation. Today there’s no such thing as a simple exchange with someone, Taurus. But even in this atmosphere, it is still a great day to evaluate your fundamental objectives a little more closely. And if you’re lucky, everyone else is too absorbed in their own concerns to worry about yours.



A challenging day is in store for you, Gemini. If you’re part of a group or team, among friends, or seeing too much of the people you live with, you may feel ill at ease. Could it be that you instill jealousy in others? There’s only one way to find out. Clear the air by saying what needs to be said. State it clearly and directly and you’ll eliminate any bad feelings among your group.



Sometimes dreams seem like just that?dreams. Whatever big venture you’ve been planning seems to consume more and more of your time now that the familiar world has ground to a halt, also becoming less attainable and more frustrating. Making any of your dreams come true means possibly jeopardizing relationships. Consider doing some work on your relationships before chasing those dreams any further.



You’ll go one of two ways today, Leo. Either you’ll turn inward and meditate in a corner, or you’ll call a good friend and confide your dissatisfaction. Don’t hesitate to let your guard down and express yourself even more honestly than is typical for you. Have no worries that your problems will bore your friend. True friends are happy to help. You’d do the same, wouldn’t you?



Today will be an excellent day for meeting interesting people, Virgo. And there won’t be anything superficial about these encounters, even when they happen remotely or with masked faces six feet apart. On the contrary, the people you’re going to meet will touch you profoundly (metaphorically speaking) and move you deeply on an emotional level. But don’t be seduced by ideas alone! Practicality matters, too!



Expect today to be kind of intense, Libra. Even if you’ve made a conscious decision not to let anything get you down, you may still harbor some negative emotions from the last few days. Take advantage of this time to relieve stress. Talk to someone close or go find an empty court and whack tennis balls. An artistic pursuit, such as sketching or photography, can also help eliminate some of the negative energy.



The little rebel that you are makes it very difficult for you to join us in the great communal river that we’re all trying to navigate, Scorpio. You prefer to travel solo, following your private stream as you see fit. However, these are opportune days for joining up with others. As your community struggles with the direct or indirect effects of COVID-19, share your insights and inspirations with those who need them.



Be disciplined about all areas of your body, Sagittarius. Take extra care to eat healthful, balanced meals. Make sure you get enough sleep. And even though you gripe about having no time, get out there and exercise within the limits of personal safety. Don’t wait for an emergency before you take action. You and you alone control how you feel. Your health is essential to your well-being, not to mention your life!



If you’ve been feeling deep anger, today isn’t the day to let it out but rather the day to consider its source. The people you know best are the easiest targets, so avoid starting anything with them. No, this doesn’t mean you get to take the day off! Just be extra careful about your temper. A little extra isolation will go a long way toward easing your tension, and may give you some important insights.



If by chance you still harbor resentment toward someone, Aquarius, it will probably come out today. You might be uncompromising or even vengeful. Telling that person how you feel accomplishes nothing beyond causing you both pain and regret. Vent your anger in a healthy way. Intense physical activity might do it. Besides, this person really means what they’ve been saying. That’s right, they do care about you.



You don’t suffer fools gladly, and superficial fools even less so. You have a mind to teach those around you a lesson. You’re uncompromising today, and you can’t understand why others don’t have your same high standards. But are you truly as honest as you expect others to be? Remember that the quality of an artistic endeavor, in particular, is likely to be judged differently by each person who experiences it.

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